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Abu Bakr Ath-Thibyaanee

Abu Bakr Ath-Thibyaanee

A levels

Male |Hargeisa, Somalia

Translating the explanation of Usoolus-Sunnah by imam Ahmad #2

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

As salamu alykum wa rahmatul-llahi wa barakaatuhu,

In/shaa'allah this session will be a continuation of translating the foundations of the Sunnah by imam Ahamd rahimahullah explained by shaykh Rabee' bin Hadee Al-Madkhalee hafithahullah.

I have been running this sessions on paltalk for weeks and I have added wiziq for those who do not have paltalk in their country.

We will in/shaa'allah resume from the article concerning the belief of Ahlus-Sunnah in emaan, faith.

Please be aware this is not a lesson, it is a mere translation. I prefer not to entertain questions because I am not qualified to be asked but if you have a burning question ask. If I have the answer I will answer if not I will try to search for an answer according to my ability.

The translator is myself, Abu Bakr. You can read my bio on my profile page.

I am not affiliated with any organization or masjid.

I invite you to correct me if I make a mistake.

Baarakal-llahu feekum.

About the Host

Abu Bakr Ath-Thibyaanee

Abu Bakr Ath-Thibyaanee

A levels
Hargeisa, Somalia

(most recent update on 20/12/13) As salamu alykum. I am a native speaker of Arabic and I fluent English. I have worked as a translator for many years. I have some experience in tutoring Arabic and Tajweed to English speakers. I took some training in teaching English as a second language. I have also read the teacher's guide book which was published by Arabic for all. I view materials that are related to teaching from time to time. I have been teaching Arabic since early 2011. Alhamdulillah I can deliver the subject to my potential audience. I am not running any Arabic classes publicly at the moment.

(WiZIQ has stopped the public classes feature and as a result my Arabic classes recordings have been removed. Qadaral-llaahu)


My biography:

It has been removed to avoid fame and show-off.

{But Allaah sanctifies whom He wills} [4:49.

If anyone wants a brief info about myself, kindly send an email to raheequl.ilm@gmail.com

Baarakal-llaahu feekum

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